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Travel to Antiparos

An unspoiled countryside on a magical blue canvas where you can enjoy cheerful times, relaxed moods, friendly people and pure fun until the morning. Antiparos is located very close to Paros, separated by a narrow strait of only 1250m. There are regular boat services thoughout the year which connect the two island. 7 Minutes across and the port is 500 meters walk from the Holiday Sun Hotel.

The capital of the island is the main, and in fact the only village, also named Antiparos. Other regions of the island are Psaraliki, Glifa, Plaka, Akrotiri, Soros and Agios Georgios, all settled by the sea. Antiparos is a quiet island with incredible beaches, a few of which can only be reached on foot. Antiparos is the biggest and the only populated island in a chain of small and isolated neighbouring islands: Despotiko, Revmatonisi, Kimitiri, Strongilo, Kavouras, Saliangos, Kokkinos and Mavros Tourlos. Some of these islands were important centers of the ancient Cycladic period and archaeological excavations are still taking place on some of them. Short boat trips offer transfers from Agios Georgios port to Despotiko Island for a day swim alones its sandy and untouched beaches.

Antiparos is well known for its cave, located on the east side of the island, with an impressive large opening and great depth, home to huge stalactite and stalagmite formations, offering an unforgettablespectacle. Antiparos’ infrastructure includes a small port, two marinas, a post office and banks and there is also a small medical center and a pharmacy. There are all kinds of elegant shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, many of which boast their gourmet cuisine. Interesting activities on the island include boat trips to nearby islets, walking tours, diving... For those staying at the main village, there is no need for a car as everything can be reached on foot. On the other hand, for those who are in a discovery mood, Antiparos has many beautiful isolated sea and countryside areas with surprising sceneries.

The main village is quiet during the day, but in the evening its central stone-paved street bursts with life, people dining or having a drink and later on, everyone gathers at the main square, which is surrounded with bars, and the night for the younger generation ends at the only disco of the island, until early hours. In Antiparos one can indulge in stylish holidays, exciting excursions, solitary times, crowded fun and carefree living.

Excavations on the Small Islands west of Antiparos, is evidence of the existence of an important ancient civilization. The first archaeological studies took place in 1889 by Tsountas who discovered two cemeteries of the First Cycladic era and ruins of Prehistoric dwellings. In 1959, 21 marble graves from the First Cycladic era were dug out, parts of a Doric style construction that consisted of 5 adjacent rooms. Below the stones, archaeologists found many objects of the Archaic era: ceramic pots, golden and bronze jewellery, scarabs and a clay statuette of a goddess dated from 650 BC.

An inscription with the name “Apollo” gives probable evidence that the temple was built to honor this ancient Greek god. These findings have similarities with the ones discovered at the Ancient Temple of Dilion in Paros

- You could discover in the centre of Antiparos village, the traditional castle of Antiparos.